This isOur Mission

We started the Wellness Foundation to make the world a better place for all pets.

A big part of that involves our partnership with Best Friends Animal Society, a leading animal welfare organization dedicated to ending the killing of dogs and cats in America’s shelters.

As the Official Pet Food Partner of Best Friends, we are proud to provide natural pet food for the animals they rescue, so they have access to the healthiest nutrition possible.

We are also committed to helping the pets at Best Friends find forever homes. And when they do, we want their first meal to be from us, so we send their new families home with free Wellness pet food. Because pets deserve nothing less than the most nutrient-dense goodness in every bowl, starting with the first one.

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Why Adopt?

By adopting a pet from responsible, no-kill animal shelters, you’re giving them room to save another pet from unhealthy environments, corrupt breeders or even getting put down.

Plus, these types of shelters have gotten to know every pet, so you end up knowing a lot more about the pet you’ll adopt than a pet from a store or a breeder that might be trying to hide something.

Choosing to adopt instead of buying a pet is also the only way to prevent irresponsible breeders from making a profit.

And adopting not only saves your new pet’s life—it also makes a spot available for another pet to be at shelters like these, which are often overcrowded. So, the more people who adopt their pets, the more animals that get rescued.

Already a pet parent? Help #SaveABestie with Wellness CORE® Bestie Bars.

Wellness CORE® Bestie Bars are delicious, protein-packed treats with sweet sayings that we created in partnership with Best Friends. Every purchase supports pets in need at Best Friends Animal Shelters.

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