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The Wellness Foundation

We are committed to a shared life of wellbeing between pets and pet parents.

While our Wellness Pet products aim to keep pets happy and healthy, the Wellness Foundation is working to improve the mutual wellbeing that comes from the comfort, joy, and companionship of our pets.

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Being a pet parent means you give — and you get more back. At the Wellness Foundation, we are committed to the pet and pet parent relationship, and we celebrate all our pets do for our state of mind and wellbeing. We know the importance pets play in our lives, and because a happy relationship with a pet is often a source of positive emotional health, we are focused on helping fulfill your shared life of wellbeing.

Our Partners

  • We are proud to support Pet Partners, the national leader in demonstrating and promoting the health and wellness benefits of animal-assisted therapy, activities, and education. Pet Partners teams visit with patients in recovery, people with intellectual disabilities, seniors living with Alzheimer’s, students, veterans, and other groups with the goal of improving human health and wellbeing through the human-animal bond. Learn more here.

  • Pets & People Foundation offers pet-assisted therapy visits to people who could use some healing joy in their days. Their carefully tested and certified therapy teams can be found at nursing homes, assisted living homes, special needs facilities, schools, libraries, and hospitals and many other places with the goal of touching people’s lives in a positive way and to providing a sense of wellbeing to those they meet. Learn more here.

  • We proudly support the Human Animal Bond Research Institute (HABRI) and their research on the mutually beneficial relationship between humans and companion animals. Their research includes positive benefits that pets have on veterans with post-traumatic stress, children with autism, and children battling cancer. Learn more here.

With our partners, we promote
the mutually beneficialrelationshipbetween people and pets.

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