Our pets arethe family we didn’t even know we needed until they became a part of it.

We are the Wellness Foundation

Our mission is to ensure that every pet on the planet is born, bred and raised with love.

That’s why we promote pet adoption, ethical breeding practices and environments that always put the well-being of every pet first.

If you agree, join us.

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Our Reason for Being

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Our Partners

We also support these organizations and the work they are doing to help pets everywhere.

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  • Best Friends Logo
    Best Friends Logo

    Best Friends Animal Society is a leading animal welfare organization dedicated to ending the killing of dogs and cats in America’s shelters. As their Official Pet Food Partner, we not only provide all of the pet food at their shelters, we also support their initiatives to Save Them All®. Learn more about our partnership here.

  • Human Animal Bond Research Institute Logo
    Human Animal Bond Research Institute Logo

    We proudly support the Human Animal Bond Research Institute (HABRI) and their research on the mutually beneficial relationship between humans and companion animals. Their research includes positive benefits that pets have on veterans with post-traumatic stress, children with autism and children battling cancer. Learn more here.

  • Great Dog Rescue New England Logo
    Great Dog Rescue New England Logo

    Great Dog Rescue New England (GDRNE) is an all-breed rescue group that finds foster homes for abandoned dogs, and places nearly 2,000 dogs into forever homes every year. While in foster care, we provide each dog with Wellness Natural Pet Food, and we also send each dog into their forever homes with a bag of our food. Learn more here.

  • The Pet Sustainability Coalition Logo
    The Pet Sustainability Coalition Logo

    The Pet Sustainability Coalition strives to be the leading organization for sustainable advancement in the pet industry. At the Wellness Foundation, we serve as board members because taking care of our pets also means taking care of our environment. We actively find creative, business-minded solutions in order to maintain and improve the environment. Learn more here.

  • Terracycle Logo
    Terracycle Logo

    We are dedicated to long-term sustainability by embracing and supporting recycling efforts, so we partnered with upcycle and recycle leader TerraCycle.® To help eliminate waste and for opportunities to donate to your favorite school or nonprofit organization, Wellness fans can sign up for free here.

Until every pet is born,bred and raised with love,we’ll be here advocating for them.

If you agree, join us.

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